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The experience of overwhelm can trigger burnout, resulting in significant physical, emotional, and mental health ramifications for women. This state of overwhelm hampers their decision-making abilities, exposing them to increased risks. Moreover, it detrimentally affects their key relationships.

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Overwhelm-What is it and How does it impact me? 

#Overcoming Overwhelm

What is Overwhelm? 

Feeling overwhelmed refers to experiencing an intense emotional response due to an accumulation of stress, responsibilities, or challenges that exceed one’s ability to cope.


This state is characterized by a sense of being overloaded, unable to manage tasks effectively, and struggling with feelings of anxiety, frustration, and fatigue. It often impacts one's mental, emotional, and physical well-being, making it difficult to function normally in daily life. 

Stress vs Overwhelm

Stress is caused when the demands on you outweigh the resources   you feel you have to cope.


Overwhelm happens when high amounts of stress make us feel like we can't cope with our lives' demands. 

Overwhelm Assessment Checklist

Take a moment to review the following checklist and mark any signs you are experiencing


Physical Signs:

  • I have a hard time falling asleep feel constantly tired, even after a full night's sleep. 

  • I experience frequent headaches or muscle tension.

  • I feel like I have low or almost no energy.

  • My appetite has changed drastically--overeating or lack of appetite.


 Emotional Signs:

  •  I feel more irritable or easily annoyed than usual.

  •  I have sudden emotional outbursts (crying or anger).

  •  I frequently feel anxious or worried.

  •  I feel persistently inadequate or not good enough.

 Behavioral Signs:

  •  I struggle to concentrate or focus on tasks and procrastinate often.

  •  I struggle to connect with the most important people in my life.

  •  I withdraw from  activities I once enjoyed.

  •  I overcommit myself and find it hard to say no.


If you checked more than two symptoms in each area--you may be experiencing overwhelm 

Our Programs

Overcoming Overwhelm Group Coaching Program

Overcoming Overwhelm is a ten-week online group coaching program for women experiencing overwhelm. Across the ten weeks, we help women discover and  identify the source of their overwhelm by providing innovative tools and cutting-edge resources to assist them in developing an action plan for overcoming the disruptions and setbacks that overwhelm causes. Our groups also allow women grappling with overwhelm to build camaraderie, community, and friendship with other liked-minded women who are also dealing with overwhelm.

Overcoming Overwhelm Individual Coaching

Our one-to-one coaching is for women experiencing overwhelm who would like individualized, laser-focused support in addressing the issues that overwhelm them. The Positive Psychology and Strengths Based model utilized in these sessions support women who desire to go deeper in identifying the barriers and blockages of where they are to move them from where they desire to be. 

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