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Health is Holy

I am a lover of Jesus Christ because Jesus Christ loved me first. But if I am honest--I didn't always understand that His love for me was meant for ALL of ME!! I thought He was concerned only with my Spiritual being--Heaven or Hell right? Am I walking out His Word daily? God was only concerned with how I showed up in the world ONLY right? Wrong!! It took me many years to understand that God is as concerned with my physical health JUST as much as He is with the rest of me.

One of my FAVORITE Scriptures is 3 John 1:2 and it reads:

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

The Apostle Paul was speaking/writing to his dear friend Gaius as he shared his fondest desire for him He prayed that his body(physical health) not only be as good but continually growing stronger JUST AS his spiritual body was becoming.He understood that in order for Gaius to be all that God had intended him to be at his creation--he must BE healthy. The better a man’s health, the more thoroughly he can do the work of God.

And guess what--God desires the same for you and I today. I've heard others say that we human beings are "God's hands and feet on the Earth". As to mean--it is us that His will is manifested in the lives of those around us. Each of us is CALLED to serve a specific tribe of people during our time on the planet. I am called to women who've experienced trauma ranging from sexual abuse to human trafficking. The work is heavy emotionally and sometimes physically. If I am not my best self--I WILL not be able to serve from my best to those who need me.

The body you and I currently occupy is the only we have. It encompasses God's most amazing creation. When I began to embrace this belief, it made my journey to my healthiest self different. How I treat my body is a form of worship to the God that created me. When I choose healthy foods--it is a praise unto Him. When I choose to move--it is song of worship.

Taking care of my health is my way of agreeing with God that my call is of vital importance. The lives I am meant to impact need the BEST Habibah. The women who I am meant to lead out of the Darkness need the BEST Habibah. The books are waiting to be written, words meant to be spoken, and rescue homes that my tribe is waiting to open all need the BEST Habibah. And the BEST Habibah will only show up when I give my BEST efforts to build my BEST body.

Is it easy? Hell no!! It is worth it? Hell yeah!!


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