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Habibah Sulayman Smith, MS


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 Habibah believes that everything in life has meaning and happens for a reason. This belief has assisted me to calmly face most of life’s challenges and difficulties with grace. She helps others find meaning by looking at the bigger picture of the world around them which provides a sense of comfort and stability in the face of uncertainty. Faced with any given obstacle, she will help identify the issues that created it, and assist in finding solutions. 

Habibah is able to pinpoint her client's unique traits, qualities, motivations, strengths, limitations, preferences, and attitudes. She then assists them in designing and creating a future based on their strengths and what they do best. She is able to support clients to move to act on their greatest dreams and deepest desire by identifying what drives them while also creating sustainable momentum. Equipped with her exceptionally observant nature, she will  work to discover what makes you truly unique and special and am able to provide tailor made resources, coaching, and services.

Habibah was awarded the Lucien Blackwell Guiding Light Award in 2016 for her work on behalf of women. She was selected as Delaware County Community College's 2018 Alumni Professional Achievement Awardee and served as a commencement speaker 

She is the wife to a gentle giant, mother to three amazing adults, and Abuela to three of the most precious little ones in the world. I hold certifications from The Universal Coaching Institute (Life and Solution Focused Coaching), John Maxwell Team (Speaking, Coaching, Leadership, DISC, Youth & Family), One Circle Foundation (Girl's Circle, Women's Circle, and Mother/Daughter Circle), Love 146 (Not A Number Group Facilitator). She hold a Bachelor's degree in Health Education with a concentration in Family Health and a Master's in Health Administration/Public Health from Trident University.​

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